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Corporate Functions

92 Degree Espresso specialise in corporate functions. For your next trade show, industry seminar, marketing event or networking meeting, please call us to discuss a tailored package to suit your needs.
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Product launches & brand activation coffee catering

If you want maximum exposure for your new product or service, offering a free coffee to your guests or delegates is a great conversation starter and one of the best ways to draw in a crowd. Everyone likes a free lunch, right?
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Twitch Gamers Hired 92 Degree for Coffee Meetings

Trade Shows

Protect your reputation at your next trade show and serve great coffee, prepared by some of Melbourne’s most skilled baristas. We help you make your brand memorable for all the right reasons.
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Conferences & Conventions

Take your next conference from good to great with our mobile coffee catering for conferences across Melbourne. Maximise your brand exposure and networking opportunities with fresh hot beverages branded with your logo.
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Public Events

We are more than happy to attend large public events that require coffee carts, however we do have some minimum requirements. Please call to discuss.
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Our Story

Since our vision came to life in 2012, 92 Degree Espresso has been about living and breathing great coffee.

The vision, born from the realisation that it shouldn’t be so hard to find ethically-sourced, premium coffee at corporate events and other functions, has naturally gained momentum as our coffee cart story grew.

Melbourne is famous for its coffee, so why should businesses have to put up with a substandard cup when they exhibit at trade shows and events? They shouldn’t. They should have the opportunity to offer fresh, barista-made espresso coffee to their visitors, stamped with their own branding.

So, why did we call ourselves 92 Degree Espresso? It’s simple; the optimum temperature to brew coffee is 92 degrees. Our baristas are industry-trained by some of the best in the business and understand the science of coffee – from bean to cup. We understand that the correct roast, the right blend, perfect extraction and silky textured milk are all players in the perfect coffee.

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For satisfyingly fresh coffee and a friendly smile at your next event, get in touch with the professional team at 92 Degree Espresso for coffee cart hire. Leave your details and we’ll get back to you in no time.

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Melbourne’s Most

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Quality Coffee, the Melbourne Way

Best mobile coffee cart hire in Melbourne.  One of the most common questions we get asked is “what separates you from your competitors”. This is always…

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Thinking about hiring a mobile coffee cart for your next event? If you’re not sure where to start, or you have some specific questions, we’ve compiled our most frequently asked questions for you here.