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A little about 92 Degree Espresso....

Our Story

Since our vision came to life in 2012, 92 Degree Espresso has been about living and breathing great coffee.

The vision, born from the realisation that it shouldn’t be so hard to find ethically-sourced, premium coffee at corporate events and other functions, has naturally gained momentum as our coffee cart story grew.

Melbourne is famous for its coffee, so why should businesses have to put up with a substandard cup when they exhibit at trade shows and events? They shouldn’t. They should have the opportunity to offer fresh, barista-made espresso coffee to their visitors, stamped with their own branding.

So, why did we call ourselves 92 Degree Espresso? It’s simple; the optimum temperature to brew coffee is 92 degrees. Our baristas are industry-trained by some of the best in the business and understand the science of coffee – from bean to cup. We understand that the correct roast, the right blend, perfect extraction and silky textured milk are all players in the perfect coffee.

The One Stop for Coffee Cart Hire

Coffee is a huge part of Melbourne’s culture and we love being deeply embedded within it. We take care of the entire process for our customers, to ensure it’s seamless and stress-free. Our mobile coffee stand or coffee carts are manufactured using “304” food grade stainless steel and comply with all council health standards with on-board filtered water supply and inbuilt refrigeration.

As you would expect, we carry full public and product liability insurance along with a rigid maintenance program including double poled electrical fit-out which is tested and tagged at regular intervals.

Want to Know More?

Want to know more about our story or how we can help businesses like yours to hold events? Give us a call on 0468 365 201 or drop us an email at

Meet Our Team

  • Handsome Barista Coffee Cart Owner Andrew

    Andrew Dimasi


    Andrew Dimasi has been involved in the specialty coffee industry for over 12 years. Starting out in 2006 working as state manager in a franchised coffee van for a few years, coupled with a rapidly growing passion for the mobile coffee industry, Andrew forged ahead and purchased the first coffee cart. The rest is history!

Our History

  1. 2018

    • September 2018: New concept coffee carts launched

  2. 2017

    • June 2017: Expansion into Adelaide commences

    • March 2017: Expansion into Brisbane commences

  3. 2015

    • July 2015: Announced as finalist in the Wyndham Business Awards”Tourism & Hospitality” Category

  4. 2014

    • March 2014: Expansion into Sydney commences, delivering multi-city events for clients simultaneously

    • May 2014: Shortlisted as a finalist in the Telstra Business Awards “Start up” category”

    • July 2014: Announced as finalist in the Wyndham Business Awards “New and Emerging” category

    • November 2014: Fleet expansion continues with 3 x new carts added to the fleet

  5. 2013

    • August 2013: Brought to market a new concept in coffee carts - a full functioning, folding cart that compacts down to the size of a card table

    • February 2013: Delviered services to a crowd of 105,000 patrons!

  6. 2012

    • June 29 2012: First coffee cart launched with maiden event, a charity fundraiser for The Royal Childrens Hospital