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A mobile coffee cart tailored to your brand

92 Degree Espresso coffee cart rental is your cost-effective solution to bringing expertly made coffee to any event, function or team meeting.  Our coffee cart rental service can cater to groups big and small. With our years of experience serving quality coffee to thousands of people, we know how to make sure the occasion runs as smoothly as our coffee does.

We have the coffee process down to a fine art. From bean selection, roast, grind, water and brew to the craft of making the perfect cup of coffee just as you like it, our artisan baristas are there to take care of you and your guests.

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Tailored coffee cart rental packages accompanied by our artisan baristas

From bean to brew, we have got our coffee crafting service down to a fine art. Bringing expertly made coffee to the crowd can make the world of a difference.  Meet your guests with a coffee before the conference commences and provide them with that much-needed caffeine hit during the break with 92 Degree Espresso Coffee Cart Rental.

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Take your conference to the next level with a coffee cart rental

Keep the corporate world connected with a cup of barista-made coffee.

Conferences can be tiring and stressful, with all of the networking, presenting and interacting.  Coffee cart rental helps ease the tension of your guests and give them that much-needed caffeine hit – not only that but it also provides your guests with the opportunity to connect and get to know each other over a cup of coffee.

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Scalable and customised packages for your coffee cart rental

From our years of experience providing a seamless coffee experience to large groups of people, we have learnt that every event, function or conference is different. We know how important preparation is and how to meet a wide range of needs and requirements depending upon the event. No matter how many guests, clients or colleagues you are catering for, we have an affordable package to suit you.

Get in touch with 92 Degree Espresso today and bring the best coffee cart rental to your next event.

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Professionalism and exceptional hospitality

Your guests’ experience matters to us. We take everything into consideration, from the quality of the coffee, personal preferences, presentation and hospitality to make sure you are represented with style and professionalism.

When entertaining hundreds, if not thousands of guests, we know how important it is to stay at the top of our game and provide a service like no other.

With many years of experience, we know how to bring exceptional coffee and service to large groups of people.  We hold ourselves to an unwavering commitment to expertly made coffee combined with exceptional service.  With 92 Degree Espresso coffee cart rental you can rest assured that not only an exceptional cup of coffee is on offer, but world-class service as well.

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Your very own BRANDED pop-up café with our coffee cart rental

Whether it’s a weekend event, corporate function or trade show; a mobile coffee cart rental service allows you to have your very own branded pop-up café.  You can personalise 92 Degree Espresso coffee carts and cups to build brand awareness and bring greater exposure to your brand!

What better way to showcase your brand than with a cup of exceptional coffee?

Our customisable coffee carts and cups draw attention to your brand, maximising your businesses’ exposure and can be personalised to your heart’s content. We know how important reputation is to us, and it’s something we take with the utmost seriousness and professionalism, representing your brand as if it were our very own.

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When you need corporate coffee hire, you need 92 Degree Espresso:

Guranteed no-fuss hire process

A friendly team that’s easy to work and communicate with

Reliable service that’s never late

Professional and efficient, with that touch of personalisation

A Melbourne-based company that knows good coffee

Straight-forward quotes and competitive prices

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We cover coffee cart hire for corporate events all across Melbourne and can cover anywhere within reach of the greater Melbourne metropolitan area. If you need us to travel further, just let us know, and we can discuss your requirements.

Able to provide fast responses and quick quotes, we’ll get you well on your way to the best coffee cart for your office or corporate event, even when you’re short on time.

Feel free to fill in our online form or give the team a call on 0468 365 201. We can’t wait to help you plan your event to perfection!

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